Rinse. Repeat.

Oh wow, man.  Déjà vu!


24 thoughts on “Rinse. Repeat.

  1. Arrgh, ok let’s look at this in this way:
    1) Thank God it’s over. Probability has it your chances of the following weekend being better than this one have increased considerably.

    2) It’s almost halfway through Monday. Probably around the time most people want to commit suicide. However, it’s a window period. That means in an hour or two, you’re out of the red zone. And that means it’s gonna get better.

    3) I’m an irritatingly optimistic prat at the moment, because it’s all I can be. And it’s miserable. So I’m hoping to drag you along for the ride to keep me company.


  2. betenoir: Exactly, except for the last one.

    mrs B: I had a feeling you were going to say that.

    upset waitress: Good to know.

    peas: Cool. Nothing wrong with optimism. Some of my best friends are optimists.

    nursemyra: It’s an acquired taste.

    dolce: I’m not surprised. I get that a lot.

    stef: What about cat, hat, bat and rat? All rhyme with that.


  3. I am just as depressed about this monday as I was about last monday – I know it’s not exactly the same tho’ because my lunch is different. And my headache is worse….perhaps they should move me from the office next to the balcony – jumping looks like a fine alternative


  4. Phil: Do you ever have deja vu Mrs. Lancaster?
    Mrs. Lancaster: I don’t think so, but I could check with the kitchen.


  5. This whole deja vu thing is doing nothing for my motivation to get out of bed. if i’m late to work, i’m blaming you and your commenter minions.


  6. charmskool: I’m on the first floor and the damned aloes keep breaking my fall.

    anicker: “Déjà vu? Definitely not! I had all my shots as a child”

    anne: But I couldn’t have minions. I used protection!

    daisy: Nah. It’s just my first step on the road to Keitholicism.


  7. uncle keith: It certainly is. Thanks for the inspiration :mrgreen: Be sure to tune in again next Monday.

    ol’ hoss: It’s a collaboration. I can’t take all the credit.

    ~m: Sorry to hear that, dude. Actually, my weekend was fine.

    daisy: I’m not sure whether to be pleased or frightened.


  8. tuesdays are actually worse. the only good tuesday is either a) shrove tuesday or b) the day christmas falls on mon/tues so we get the day off.


  9. bridget: All blurs into one, does it? I’ve had weeks like that.

    globus: No, no, Tuesdays are great. Very popular day, Tuesday. It’s a little known fact that one seventh of our lives are lived on Tuesdays.


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