The rime of the ancient manager

Apologies to Samuel Taylor Coleridge (although he's probably too dead to care one way or the other)


25 thoughts on “The rime of the ancient manager

  1. you shot an albatros and the manager from hell is your penance – or you shot a manager and….nah you would win some sort of medal for that. πŸ˜‰


  2. OK, from what Wikipedia tells me (hey. don’t have time to read it all, i have to get to work, all right?)
    1. your manager sees dead people
    2. he tells the longest, not necessarily upbeat stories
    3. you’ve been exiled to a cold cold place
    Wow. And i was feeling really down ’cause i couldn’t find an apartment…


  3. squared: – and sufficiently enthusiastic buggering can cause acid indigestion. An elegant symmetry.

    charmskool: No sea birds or managers were harmed in the making of this comic.

    stef: Indeed not. I’d also suggest staying away from anything recommended by the Bishop of Bath and Wells.

    nursemyra: You don’t know the half of it.

    miss M: Not until I find an acceptable alternative, dammit! (So what’s your favourite show? It’s Jamie’s Kitchen, isn’t it?)

    peas: It’s a deal. I’ll make the bookings. Air Zimbabwe okay with you?

    parenthesis: I fear you hope in vain, although I am impressed that you can still type.

    dolce: I’ve heard tell that he preferred Chanel No.5

    daisyfae: Ahahahahaahahahahahaha! *snort* Hahahahaahaaaah. Haha. *sigh* Oh man, that just made my day.

    anne: Oh, you’re good. Will you do my next guest comic? Please say you will!


  4. Good luck for tonight. As I only write bad poetry (and understand very little good* poetry) I cannot add wit to this comment.

    But I do hope you win!

    *”Good”, of course, being a highly subjective concept.


  5. miss M: Ah. My condolences.

    mjw: Much as I hate to be the source of disappointment…

    daisy: I will, as soon as I finish drawing these lines in the sand.

    anne: So do I. I was actually being serious.


  6. Mr. Noord. I suspect these “guest comics” ivitations just an evil ploy to not actually have to do any actual work on this site at all. But then again, you know what I’m like with conspiracy theories….


  7. *snort* I can barely drag a post a week out for my own ickle bit of e-ether. And I doubt you’re up for a dram of grapefruit schapps?


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