But you say “hideous” like it’s a bad thing

Yeth, Marthter


23 thoughts on “But you say “hideous” like it’s a bad thing

  1. Jeeez, dude. Singing gargoyles. A whole church to yourself. A couple of bells to swing off. Some people just can’t be satisfied.


  2. dolce: I hang my head in shame. I’ll be clearing out the bats in the belfry if you need me. Or maybe I’ll polish the organ.

    stef: Can we move onto item 5, please?

    mrs B: I had a hunch you were going to say that.

    revo: Dude, I’m still paying for my divorce. My recreation budget is somewhat limited.


  3. LARD party! Saturday Night! Real home made ale served by busty wenches! See you there? I hear those gals will become your slaves after a few pints – you could even get one to clean your floors! oh, wait… i meant “LARP”… i’ll be the one wearing the green velvet draperies.


  4. Oh please. You may be many things Mr Noord, but hunchbacked is not one of them, if the reports of those who have met you in the flesh seem to support. Nor ugly either if my memory serves. Does Christian Bale ring a bell? [Sorry, couldn’t resist …. 😉 ]


  5. That’s a rather pejorative thing to call your date… even if it is dumpsville time. I mean really, would it not have been more positive to ask ‘time to find a new hump?’


  6. uncle keith: Thorry Thur, but that brain ith thpoken for.

    parenthesis: Your memory serves does it? Well, I ordered a coffee ages ago and I’m still waiting.

    livewire: I’m sorry to hear that.

    beaverboosh: Exactly. A little sensitivity goes a long way.

    jay: Any thoughts on the wooden leg?

    miss M: I’m sure being in a different hemisphere is also a plus.


  7. You know, at the end of the story, Quasimodo found love.

    He also fostered a great passion for bells and, like things that makes bells ring better and shine better, and stuff.


  8. As my granny used to say: “So what if you have a teeny hump, you have such a lovely personality!” Actually I was so impressed with your bell ringing I didn’t even notice a hump. Mind you at my age humps are rarely seen erm…….


  9. peas: I’ll have to check the classifieds to see if there are any cathedral vacancies.

    mike: Oh wow, man. Déjà vu!

    charmskool: They’re very popular in my neighbourhood. I’ve been offered a part-time job as a speedbump outside the local primary school.


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