20 thoughts on “The power of the Dark Side

  1. betenoir: And we can’t have that, can we? I’d much rather just be vilified. Cuts down on the dry-cleaning bills.

    stef: *snort*

    peas: Well yes, if you want to adopt a literal interpretation.


  2. stef: Of course. I simply choose not to. By the way, you shouldn’t be insulted. *snort* is meant to signify humour.
    charmskool: It’s hell on mine. I keep walking into things.


  3. it’s got a nice beat, it’s easy to dance to, but the lyrics are a bummer… i give it a “5”…

    (warning – if you watch the eyes too long, you’ll have seizures…)


  4. anne: It doesn’t get any more official than this.

    IITQ: It’s my GIFt to you.

    del: I have used colour before. Twice. Your mission – should you choose to accept it – is to find those comics.

    daisy: Excellent. Please post the results to YouTube.

    terri: Thank you. I was inspired by Mrs Benitez.

    sheena: That’s quite an ambition: haggard, bitter and castrated. But hey, it’s your dream – who am I to judge?

    anicker: I’ll see your previously lit areas and raise you 53%

    ~chthulu: But not a light on.

    beaverboosh: We’re all the same colour in the dark, dude.


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