Not catching a break

from ‘subprime’ to ‘past my prime’
Today’s guest comic+ is by the amazing Anne, who generously agreed to host The Other Side of the Mountain Show from the other side of the Atlantic++. Anne, who previously entertained us via Something Under the Bed is Drooling, moved to New York some time last year and since then seems to have developed a rather – shall we say – grudging approach to her writing. This may or may not be related to her present accommodation difficulties. Nevertheless, I am happy to report to Anne’s fans that she is open to bribery…

+ If you’re thinking that this is simply a way for me to sit on my arse and get someone else to do the work, you’d be absolutely right

++ Are you confused? Tough bananas! No room for weaklings in Africa! Mwahahahahahahaha!

24 thoughts on “Not catching a break

  1. The challenge, Mr Noord, is that now I don’t know to whom I should address this comment.


    @ Kyk > lazy git

    @ Anne > Having your agéd corpse eaten slowly by your 53 cats is the only silver lining to the end of a miserable, lonely, meals-for-one existence. And they want to take that *away* from you? Ppppfffftt.


  2. Kyk! Such masterful delegation of your workload- well done. I have once more assigned you position no. 1 on my list of heroes – it’s a short list but it’s comprehensive – you just passed Betenoir by an inksmudge and Peas by two – being related to me has to count for something hence the favouritism shown.


  3. proper spinster’s death?

    please post the address where we can send tins of cat food, support hose and our extra bottles “Eau de Moth Ball” cologne… home is what you make it, you know.


  4. charmskool: Interesting. I didn’t know we were related, although now that I think about it, there is a striking resemblance between you and Cousin Jadine.

    anne: Good. I’m glad that’s settled.

    daisy: Home is where the pickled hearts are (or at least, that’s what Mrs B tells me).

    dolce: No, no, no! It’s “if the shoe fits, you’re not entering into the true spirit of ten-pin bowling”

    shebee: Bite me.


  5. *rolls eyes*…I’m going to have to go there, aren’t I?

    “if the shoe fits, give it some Tegretol and turn off the strobe light, dammit.”


  6. dolce: Ahahahahahah! Holy hang-gliding Heysoos, but that is brilliant :mrgreen: There is simply no way I can top that.

    bee: Only three? C’mon, that doesn’t even qualify.


  7. mrs B: Heads, hearts. I always get those two mixed up.

    uncle keith: It’s the whole “blood of virgins” thing.

    daisy: Silly me. I thought that was the latest dance craze.

    livewire: Research has shown that you’re far more likely to be eaten by ferrets. When the can-opener stops working, the cats usually just move in with someone else.


  8. Oops the wages of syntax are high – nah Bete beat Peas for number 2 position based on her having a familial advantage. At least I didn’t remind you of cousin it – bad hair days being what they are.


  9. Kudos to Anne, and here’s a thought: I am not allowed pets either. So I bought an unobtrusive rat. Anne if rats make you want to vomit, then not for you. But if not, it’s an alternative 🙂

    Now, Kyk back to work slacker!


  10. Ok ok, it’s actually 5 – one of ’em had kitties – so I have 1 mom, 1 neutered (gender confused) and 3 kittens (2 gals, 1 boy) but we’re keeping the one kitten. So, that will be three – think must draw the line there. : )


  11. charmskool: “The wages of syntax…” *snort* Everyone’s on a roll today.

    peas: You can also bite me.

    bee: I’m not surprised the neutered one is confused – especially if s/he thinks s/he’s the father of the kittens.


  12. I should’ve read the writing BEFORE the comic strip. For a moment there I thought you were the gender-confused one, Kyk.
    Anne: stop messing about and do some writing, dammit. Or are you still trying to figure out how to tell us you’ve managed to mysteriously disappear your insane roommate in a way that will make us laugh instead of call the cops?


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