The next one’s going to be in iambic pentameter

‘Small’ is such an amusingly relative term, isn’t it?


19 thoughts on “The next one’s going to be in iambic pentameter

  1. sheena:
    Dark and light conspire
    Sometimes to mask, sometimes not
    The whimsy of noses

    As death may be, it still takes
    Its sweet fuckin’ time

    Creative juices
    Run dry in the face of praise
    Oh bollocks! I’m spent


  2. I would care
    but then
    Vida opened today
    across from my office.
    See now they can ask for all the changes they like but do I care – not a jot – I’ll be out drinking coffee!


  3. charmskool:
    Caffeine is evil
    Step away from the coffee
    That’s all I’m sayin’

    Haiku is easy
    But it needs at least some thought
    So much for that, then


    I have no control
    Over the content filter
    Here at the office

    In English we say
    Change equals a holiday
    Not really true, though


  4. say “small change” three times aloud and you will see a car park attendant or a bergie. I swear. “Alladin se lamp se moer”, as they would say. Oh and change does not equal a holiday, I tried that with SAA last week – they only take notes in big denominations. or Visa. you know – cause it takes you places (‘but i’ve never been to meeeeeeee’). enough. G&T time.


  5. dolce:
    Ah. I suspected
    I might have cocked something up
    When it – well, didn’t

    Getting SAA
    To accept my Kulula
    Credit card: Priceless

    Love? There’s no love lost
    In this becubicalled place
    Shit (and change) happens


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