Watch me soar. Or not.

This is like some sicko adaptation of ‘Build me up Buttercup’
Incidentally, my nova-like talent is featured this week on A Column Inch. So to all my detractors who have insinuated that I am a lazy git, I say poo to you with knobs on!


22 thoughts on “Watch me soar. Or not.

  1. It’s amazing how long conversations that start with “can I have a word” can take. I preempt them by directing people to the “Before-you-ask-the-answer-is-no” poster on the wall next to my desk. If that fails I direct them to the one below it “I-can-only-please-one-person-a-day. Today-is-NOT-your-day-:tomorrow-doesn’t-look-good-either. Try-next-week”. If that doesn’t work, threatening to bludgeon them to death with a stapler usually does. Works wonders 😉


  2. Argh – whilst I do feel your pain I now have lyrics and melody of Build me up Buttercup stuck in my head and I may have to kill myself now… Tra la…I need you more than anyone darling you know that I have from the staaaarrt to build me up….oh no I feel nauseous


  3. This is why they should have strip clubs in airport lounges. If you’re going to kill time waiting for your flight you might as well kill you expense budget.

    I wonder if swinging around the pole qualifies you for frequent flyer miles?


  4. when asked “got a minute?” by a squirrel poking his head around my office door, i now respond “yes. excactly one. talk fast.” Surprisingly, this works…


  5. dolce: Up the wrong tree, perhaps?

    parenthesis: I suspect your methods may be a bit too subtle to work in the engineering environment.

    charmskool: That’s probably from drinking too much coffee. I accept no responsibility whatsoever.

    stef: Fine, but I lead this time, okay?

    revo: Sadly, I squandered my entire expense budget on a cup of tea.

    beaverboosh: One of the reasons time management is so important.

    daisyfae: It’s got to be worth a try. Cleaning my fingernails with a machete while pointedly looking at my watch is starting wear a little thin.


  6. Nah. I just think you haven’t twigged. Maybe you should consider branching out? Maybe you’re too rooted where you are? You need to grow a little, bud.


  7. mrs B: I’ll set up a meeting. Can I use your place for long-term storage while you’re busy with him?

    dolce: I wood, but I think I prefer to vegetate.
    P.S. I bend like a reed in the breeze of your abuse.


  8. Kykie Kykie Kykie. There is no such thing as a quick chat to the client. santa clause, i hear you ask hopefully? nope. Easter bunny – a lie. Now, just because i want to protect you from the bad people in the world, herewith a few pointers on what NOT to believe:
    1: “I am only going out for one drink”
    2: “I am never drinking again”
    3: “I am a social smoker”
    4: “I just want to hold you (in my underwear)”
    5: “It’s my first time”
    6: “but I loooooove you”
    7: “Size doesn’t matter”
    8: “Nobody will ever know”
    9: “I won’t come in your mouth”
    10: “I am just going to have a quick chat with the client”


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