It’s a lot harder than it looks

It’s been a long time since I last wrote in full sentences. Even sure I remember how, I am not.

Of course, occasionally there are incidents that are nigh impossible to fit into the usual three-panel format, so perhaps a compromise is called for? Perhaps not, but I have nonetheless decided to bow to the mounting pressure+ and make an exception++

By Request
A play in three acts by K.N. Pepper

Act I

Scene: A doorway

SHE (casually) So – would you like to come in for some tea?
HE: Uh – sure. Why not?


Act II

Scene: A lounge. HE and SHE are sitting on a couch, each holding a cup

SHE: How is your tea?
HE: It’s good.



Scene: A bedroom

SHE (vaguely incredulous): So how exactly did we end up here, naked?
HE: It was really good tea. Again?


Needless to say, I am not a gentleman+++. Hur hur hur.

+ Happy now? You all know who you are!
++ Although to be honest, it isn’t exactly a massive departure from the cartoon, is it?
+++ Especially since this may be a work of fiction


33 thoughts on “It’s a lot harder than it looks

  1. Please get the name of that tea. I am definitely going to get me some of that stuff… then watchout next innocent visitor … she says nefariously twirling her imaginary moustaches. Ok I believe you, but it would be more believable if there was music and alcohol involved.


  2. Short play, nudity, happy ending – what’s there not to like.
    Was there an interval and then a bell indicating “next round”? Did it pull a big crowd? Is this the dress rehearsal for bigger things to come? What are you going to call it?
    Fiddle on the roof?


  3. martin: I can imagine.
    shebee: You have a fictional ass? Now that’s a story I’d like to hear.
    dolce: Naturally. If real this was, then ask I will.
    betenoir: Only if I must.
    charmskool: Perhaps, but then the Lipton sponsorship would go straight out the window.
    anicker: I may need to polish it somewhat before I try to handle bigger things.


  4. daisyfae: Stick figure erotica? I don’t see why not.

    stef: I’ll give you three to one against.

    bee: SLUT? Oh come on! Everyone’s been jumping on the erotica bandwagon, but I’m the slut? Pffft!

    uncle keith: I would recommend Twinings.


  5. I stand in awe. I never thought anyone could manage to put such a sexy spin on something so humble as tea. Makes one wonder if the Brits know something we don’t – “fancy a cuppa?” will never sound quite the same 😉


  6. stop the presses – there’s no reason you can’t take this script and use it with your standard frames! call it “in a parallel universe”. it works! i swear, it WORKS!!!


  7. stef: *snort*
    the tart: Bottoms up!
    parenthesis: I believe Earl Grey died of exhaustion.
    daisy: I was hoping nobody would notice that.
    mandy: I would’ve thought oolong tea would be more appropriate :mrgreen:
    peas: Oh hush! Nobody said anything at all about sex. You need to think outside the box.


  8. Are the (amateur) rights for the play available?
    How much are they per performance?
    I’m interested to direct it.

    Watch the community theatres near you …


  9. crutch: I’ll send you the necessary paperwork. I’m sure I have a spare toilet roll around here somewhere…

    ~m: It used to be a four act play, but we had to trim it for pace.


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