The advancement of Literature suffers another blow

Perhaps I need to start small with a cardboard box and a cat...


19 thoughts on “The advancement of Literature suffers another blow

  1. I thought that if you wanted monkeys, you paid peanuts? I can’t deal with all these currency bungles.

    Mind you, would a banana by any other name smell as sweet?


  2. Nicole Ritchie has a book published.
    That’s really all the information i have but i’m willing to bet that a lot of clanging was involved.


  3. dolce: I blame globalisation. Didn’t Freud insist that sometimes a banana was just a banana?

    betenoir: Oh good, that means the pressure’s off for me to come up with a witty rejoinder. Hope you’re on the road to recovery, ‘cos mucous is seriously unconducive to romantical getaways.

    stef: I blame the postman.

    anne: It was only a matter of time.


  4. i think you need 700 cats and a small box. Shrodinger be damned. The challenge, of course, is that the cats don’t have opposable thumbs, which makes typing exceedingly difficult – but my guess is that they’ll walk around the keyboard and one of them will hack up the works of Paris Hilton (if not Nicole Ritchie).


  5. holy cow sensei! This stuff is deep. Schrodinger’s Cat an’ all that jazz! Talk about go meditate on stuff before you write. I can’t stop thinking about whether that cat in the box is dead? Or is the box figurative too.


  6. Mmmmmmm I suspect you are being a simian primatist. And here I thought you were an equal opportunity blogger. What next? Disparaging remarks about chimps? Apes? Heavens above perhaps even the sweet little marmasettes be next? Just wait until the online gorillas and orangutans hear about this little blogging debacle.


  7. daisy: You only need opposable thumbs to touch-type. I’m sure the cats will be able to hunt-an-peck.

    charmskool: Schrödinger pioneered the field of thinking inside the box.

    mandy: I deny all charges! One of my best friends is a Simeon.

    uncle keith: Yes, but is it Art?

    livewire: Only in the allegorical sense.

    ~m: Nah. Too lightweight for the job.


  8. mrs B: Oh, that? I hope he doesn’t notice that it’s a bit – uh – shopsoiled.

    peas: In Zimbabwe. Obviously.

    dolce: Oh, very slick indeed.

    jean panty: Exacacacacacactly!


  9. I seriously doubt that an infinite number of bloggers… would recreate the works of Kyknoord, even with an infinite supply of coffee. Were I to hazard a guess the monkeys would have a difficult time as well, even with an infinite pile of bananas!


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