I keep looking for the hidden camera

I can’t quite shake this niggling suspicion that he’s doing this deliberately


23 thoughts on “I keep looking for the hidden camera

  1. stef: I’m sure his wife will be distressed to hear that.

    dolce: Oh good. I’ll direct my boss to you the next time he asks.

    sarah: Indeed. My point exactly.


  2. You know Kyk, I was idly watching something on Discovery the other night that reckoned hidden cameras in the workplace is more common than not.

    Check the bathrooms. You know, when you have time in between the ice discs and the Karoo 🙂


  3. peas: As far as I’m concerned, anyone who wants to watch footage of me firing off a chocolate missile deserves the consequent mental scarring.

    miss M: I shall henceforth refer to you as Mr Larson’s Potato Salad.


  4. I leave you with this thought kyknoord.

    The Penguin of Death.

    Things you need to know

    1) He is strange attractive because of his enigmatic smile

    2) He can kill you in 1 of 412 different ways


  5. miss M: You’re leaving?

    terri: Could be. Some of our conversations are vague enough to work as horoscopes.

    angel: It’s more like “The Office – South Africa”

    uncle keith: Big Gay Al. He’s also super.


  6. Colleague: “So is it true?”
    Me: “Yes, they are completely natural” sometimes varied with “no, I don’t work out” usually works for me, but you should try “well, not EVERYBODY thinks you are a doos – the new guy for example…”


  7. ~m: Shall call you Tom, then?

    anicker: :mrgreen: *snort* “Yes, but I never inhaled”

    beaverboosh: I’m afraid so. I hope you’ve found a place to hide out until the heat dies down.


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