23 thoughts on “Where do you think you’re going?

  1. [kyknoord turns around, unzips pants, offers backside to boss] “i’ll attend to that when you attend to this…”

    getting fired? sometimes it’s worth it…


  2. Daisy – hilaaaaaaaaarious.

    I am just not sure on what the “upside” is for Kyk…

    Perhaps he can just point to his crotch with a “well, it’s not gonna suck itself” rather?


  3. Clever, Kyknoord. Man, some of these are so funny. This is totally off the topic, but here are a few more Manga movies you might be interested in: Paprika (Jap), Wonderful Days (Kor), Tokyo Godfathers (Jap).
    Have a great weekend.


  4. daisy: Get thee behind me, Satan!

    parenthesis: I most certainly did. Did you?

    miss M: Chapter 7 of the Time Management Manual.

    sonkind: Exactly. If it was Sit On Your Arse and Vegetate Day, they would have called it that.

    ~m: I know. They really should issue an instruction manual…

    anicker: That might be a blow to my chances of career advancement.

    uncle keith: Will do. The Harry Potter look is so passe.

    gnukid: Welcome to the Cult of Sisyphus. Collect your rock from the first door on the left.

    ramon: Thanks. I’ll take a look as soon as I get off.

    mandy: Oh, that’s just perfect (although what’s this “bonus” thing they were going on about?).


  5. Ja *nice*. YOu’ve just ruined my Bond fantasies…

    *huk* Th..th..the name’s Bb..bb..bbond. Ja…ja…james Bb…b…bond. *sniff*


  6. oh my word some of these comments are hilarious!!! mwhahahahahahaha
    kyk i think you’re a sucker for punishment, really~ surely there are loads of other strip joints you can work at????


  7. whenever I see the name Sisyphus I develop a lisp. if it’s combined with the word “Myth” I not only find I have a sudden speech impediment, I also start to drool unattractively……


  8. mandy: Ah. Sounds a bit like the newly introduced incentive scheme.

    stef: Maybe so, but sometimes punishment is its own reward.

    nursemyra: There’s attractive drooling…?


  9. daisy: Perhaps, but I was kind of hoping the benefits of godhood would include being able to fire bolts of lightning out your fingertips and stuff like that.

    ol’ hoss: Nah, my boss is just a wannabe.


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