Blowing in the wind

This isn’t going to go down well at the annual Curmudgeon Awards next month


26 thoughts on “Blowing in the wind

  1. It’s the end of the world as we know it…iiiiit’s the end of the world as we know it…

    Bah humbug, Noord. Now I’m all REM’ed. Pffft.


  2. That tea drinking thing could become a craze world wide! I wonder if anyone else knows about it? Nice to know you are smiling – means I stand a better chance at the annual Curmudgeon Awards – I’m avoiding tea and bah humbug to you all.


  3. dolce: I believe REM sleep is very important. Especially in meetings.

    betenoir: You won the Lotto? Congratulations! Drinks are on you. Just tell us where and when.

    charmskool: Hah! I’m up for the coveted Lifetime Achievement award. I’m sure the other delegates will forgive a minor lapse.


  4. nursemyra: Thank you. Now if only you could convince all those people who insist on running away screaming.

    angel: Don’t do anything rash! Send me every cent you’ve saved.

    mandy: I know, but they tasted so goooood.

    peas: Funny you should mention that. I nearly got washed away on the way to work.


  5. Don’t worry Kyknoord. Focus on every negative thought you may… think of, i guess, and it’ll pass. Don’t let happiness get to you, man! Don’t let it win! Get a grip on yourself!


  6. Afraid you’re not a contender for Cur of the Year if your face didn’t crack at the first smile! When i smile? People assume that i’ve either done something naughty, ripped a ‘silent but deadly’ or some combination thereof!


  7. anne: It’s so important to have a support system at a time like this.

    daisy: Ah. That would be the “ill winds are blowing” reference in the Possibly related posts section above.


  8. Caution! Caution! Didn’t your mom warn you about pulling odd facial expressions and the danger of the clock striking and you being stuck like that forever? Good word, can you imagine? An eternally smiling Kyknoord – completely mind boggling 😉


  9. Theoretically, as long as someone wants to sit on it, there can’t be THAT much wrong with your face.

    (Crude, I know – but it is filthy Wednesday this side of the mountain so crack-and-smile jokes are completely acceptable)


  10. terri: Close. I finally figured out how to remove it.

    revo: I love the smell of pandemonium in the morning.

    stef: Only where it counts.

    lopz: Ironic, really. You need to be on drugs to work in my office.

    anicker: ‘strue. I sit on my arse all the time and it ain’t pretty, I can promise you.


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