25 thoughts on “Succubus (n) a lascivious female demon in human form

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    okay then.

    enjoying connubial bliss, are we?


  2. Omigod now you have your own succubus! Your greatness knows no bounds! Please do note tho’ that I am starting to get a little jealous of all the action you are seeing… please don’t force me into one of the seven deadly sins (oh noes we ex-catholics don’t do sins or do we?)


  3. What’s the “boy” version of a succubus? A cunnibus? *snort* Ja. I want me one of those. And, boys do shag you in your sleep. If they can get away with it. Um. I hear. *ahem*


  4. The word “succubus” comes from an alteration of the Late Latin succuba meaning “strumpet”.
    Mare was also a term used to describe the sighing, suffocative panting, or an intercepted utterance, with a sense of pressure across the chest, which occurs during sleep.These symptoms were also thought to be an incubus (or succubus), an evil preternatural being, causing nightmares and/or nocturnal emissions. This phenomenon is now thought to be an experience of sleep paralysis.
    Duh dude! That strumpet of yours is a figment of your imagination – just sleep paralysis or mebbe indigestion!


  5. betenoir: Of course. Aaaaaaaand Satan! *snort*

    stef: If you insist :mrgreen:

    charmskool: Okay, I promise to keep the lights off.

    mandy: Ye gods, I sincerely hope the performances are at least marginally better than on late night eTV.

    miss M: Scary, isn’t it?

    nursemyra: I was, but you don’t argue with demons.

    dolce: Technically, it’s an “incubus”, but I prefer your version – hang on, they do? That’s just rude!

    daisy: Nah it’s okay. I have some masking tape and a pencil. Aaaaaaaand Satan!

    idlelayabout: Close. I got mixed up in a PETA rally against – um – something. Aaaaaaaand Satan!

    wenchy: What does? Volunteering at TEARS, or being a succubus?

    iitq: Is it you or me?

    betenoir (again): No, that’s a fetishist car wash that specialises in larger vehicles.

    charmskool (again): I’m glad I have such a vivid imagination.


  6. miss M: Time to lay off the garlic and curry, maybe?

    uncle keith: It makes taking a leak when you’re half asleep a very interesting experience.

    parenthesis: Why do you think I was (allegedly) smiling?


  7. That’s why we come here, y’know. The naughty love scenes. We read about ’em, but you actually live them.
    You’re our hero, Eyore 🙂


  8. Those are battle scars to regale the grandkids dandling on your knee. “There I was, kids….”. Well–those are sure some of the stories I’LL tell my grandkids…


  9. terri: Do you think that means people visit you for the crime scenes? I hope not.

    gnukid: Why would your grandkids want to know about my carnal exploits?

    iitq: Jeez. Tough room.


  10. Look mate, get some medical ointment and cut your nails, it is no fun staying awake at night scratching yourself, espcially if it is keeping you from doing your job!


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