It’s not rocket science – oh, wait…

She wasn't.  Thank fuck.  Still, it would actually have been a *whole* lot better if they’d got rid of that smarmy damned emcee


26 thoughts on “It’s not rocket science – oh, wait…

  1. Stephen Hawking on tour? Are there backstage groupies? Does he point out hot chicks in the audience for backstage passes? Anyone choking on their own plasma after the show?


  2. daisy: If there were any groupies, they were hidden behind the big, burly bodyguards. And the smarmy host.

    stef: And on a one-horse open sleigh.

    nursemyra: You’re lucky. I have a piece of two-by-four wedged in mine (courtesy of the big, burly bodyguards).


  3. It would be okay for Whitney to sing only if Stephen ‘danced’ along with the music on his wheelchair – – wheelies, spins…ooo, the excitement then!


  4. Maybe Whitney was making out with one of the bodyguards backstage? Double bonus for her; you can get damn good Swazi in Cape Town these days, so I’m told.


  5. gnukid: I think it’s safe to assume he would be headed in the opposite direction at best possible speed. He is a genius, after all.
    dolce: Dunno. It was rather wet outside – a veritable water world.
    anicker: I’d take him over the King of Smarm any day.
    miss M: So does my recliner. Not sure if that qualifies it to be emcee at a lecture evening, though.


  6. hhmmm… i’m trying to imagine stephen hawking and whitney on the same stage.
    does she share his theories on quantum physics and the trousers of time… or is that mariah?


  7. dolce: I don’t even know wher to begin with that.

    parenthesis: Jealousy is most unbecoming.

    revo: A case of “Houston, we have a problem”?

    angel: Please don’t go there.


  8. mandy: So what’s the up side?

    peas: They were selling X-ray images, but they were a bit overpriced for me.

    miss M: Perhaps, but I’m betting she isn’t quite as comfortable to sit on.


  9. Did Hawking discuss the experiment I suggested to him, where Whitney Houston is placed in a sealed box with a single subatomic particle. My hyposthesis is that Whitney would exist in a superposition of states, “decayed nucleus/dead Whitney” or “undecayed nucleus/living Whitney”. We would never open the box, because that would change the outcome by measuring it.


  10. miss M: I concur. I’ll get my people to set something up.

    beaverboosh: Interesting. I could’ve sworn he said something about “a tall, dark stranger”, but I could be wrong.

    uncle keith: No, but I’m pretty sure it would have been strongly supported if he had.

    mandy: Of course! Handy for taking out trash like Bobby Brown CDs.

    dolce: It was nice knowing you.


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