Have you checked your other trousers?

On a scale of one to Muriel, I’m terrible


27 thoughts on “Have you checked your other trousers?

  1. You have an interesting little streak of evil I hadn’t noticed before – lovely! I would by now have smuggled it into his office and put it at the bottom of a pile of never-read technical journals.


  2. peas: A fine plan. I wonder if I could convince Melanie Walker to get involved?

    dolce: *snort* that might just work. He already suspects foul play. Might as well play on that paranoia.

    betenoir: I was afraid of that.

    charmskool: I may still do that. It’s just difficult to decide which pile to choose.

    miss M: Opinions vary, so the important question to ask is whether you think you look fat in that outfit.

    daisy: “Evil” is such a strong word. We prefer “Alternatively compassionate”.


  3. Dude I am as hot as melted butter …

    I wish. I went to get lunch with him today, but I am so unaware as to whether he’s flirting with me 😦


  4. miss M: Why thank you, you’re not so bad yourself.
    However, your “melted butter” comment is vaguely worrying, because the melting point of butter is between 32°C and 35°C, while the average body temperature is between 36.5°C and 37.5°C



    Omigod. How embarrassing!

    I know what I meant. That is what happens when you try to multi task blogging and work!

    Perhaps I should just stick to blogging!


  6. Wooohoo! I cleverly navigated my way to your ‘new’ site. Ok, so I have been away for some time, and my old link to your site passed away. I love your toons. Does that make me a sick person?


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