essentially, all the weird shit that people have no idea what to do with ends up on my desk


27 thoughts on “Imposter!

  1. You really have to learn to dumb it down a bit Kyk. You need an IN tray marked “Weird shit I plan on shredding” and then just point to it when they approach your desk with the stuff.


  2. sarah: I’m sure the industrial psychologists have an exciting name for it.
    peas: “The” Einstein? I like that. From now on, I’m going to insist on being called The Kyknoord.
    betenoir: This, from Ms oh-please-won’t-you-help-me-hide-the-bodies Betenoir? Let’s just say I’m less than convinced.
    charmskool: What? And give away my secret to a (relatively) orderly office?
    miss M: I once dated a girl like that.
    nursemyra: Survival strategy.
    dolce: Absolu- hang on, did you just call me thick?
    gnukid: Funny, the first girl I slept with said something rather similar.


  3. BTW … Met a guy, Clyde, yesterday from SA. I was out getting more Geocaching gear. Like you he has a gorgeous accent, which is how we got into the whole, “where are you from thing.”

    Let me just say, if I ever make it across the pond to your side of the mountain … The good old US of A will have to drag me back to Texas. Clyde says he has brothers in SA … So Kyk, pls loan me your scooter to go meet these guys!

    He was one HOT SA guy! [And married.]

    Wistful smooches,
    The Tart
    ; *


  4. Tip for the day: if you are ever caught napping at your desk and someone walks in – just go “Amen” and carry on as usual(drooling is not recommended). Being an expert with years of experience in the pretend-you-know-what-you-are-doing field, this should be easy to pull off. Sela.


  5. Zen and the Art of Civil Engineering.

    Who are we? What do any of us really know? How do we know that we know it? Who gives a fuck so long as they pay us to do it, whatever it is?


  6. The Kyknoord, The Einstein insisted on having a ‘the’ in front of his name because it made him feel like one of the boys. Only when he was feeling debonair did he want a ‘Thee Einstein.’


  7. scott: What you mean, mon? I’m a’ready minister of dis information.

    miss M: Both literally and figuratively.

    shebee: I nearly lost my keys today.

    the tart: Well okay, but don’t complain if they run away when see you on my crappy scooter.

    uncle keith: Some people are incapable of learning.

    anicker: Indeed. I’ll have to pretend that I’ve renounced atheism, though. That carries the risk that the religious types will want to talk to me in the passage.

    daisyfae: What is the sound of concrete curing?

    peas: Einstein delivered pizza?


  8. concrete – does it ever cure? who knows what is ‘cured’? can it help with a massive hangover? am i getting paid to have this hangover? fuck the concrete. who cares?


  9. aaah yes- like when i told my boss i’d just seen the blue screen of laptop death and he told me he’d also passed her in the passage…


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