The impossible dream

I love blinkies
Are you confounded by the alleged “hidden” message?
Are you absolutely certain you aren’t seeing things?
Do you sometimes experience confusing feelings when you watch Nigella Lawson?

If so, send me money and I will reveal all. I will also tell you what’s in the alleged “hidden” message.


43 thoughts on “The impossible dream

  1. Staring into space is great fun, made all the more pleasant when you are being paid to do it. If it gets too bad, you can call it ‘strategising’, or ‘centering your inner employee’. Talking to yourself: that has to contribute towards a paycheck, too.


  2. Um by the way I think that subliminal instructions to do illegal shit is still illegal but you have to find a policeperson who can read that damn blinkie – I can’t but I had an epileptic fit trying (it’s the flashing sign doctor)


  3. betenoir: I hate it when that happens.

    charmskool: Just livin’ the dream, baby!

    stef: I’ve had the bank reverse the transaction. Our contract explicitly states that I only pay after delivery of the service in question.

    scott: Or you could just become an astronomer.

    revo: Are they rolling in the aisle?

    miss M: Mwahahahahahahahahaha!

    nursemyra: It’s a speed-reading course.

    dolce: It’s a DEAL!!!

    charmskool (take 2): First, you’ll have to find a policeperson who can read. Small steps.


  4. Now you’ve lowered yourself to flashing people. Oh, where will the shame end. Oh…and for some odd reason, here’s a check for an undisclosed sum of money…I don’t know why I’m doing it..


  5. That’s the most classic thing I’ve ever seen.

    Maybe it’s the second most classic thing, but I can’t think of anything right now that would top this. Except for a hot Swedish geek, or something. Or something. Naked. At my desk.


  6. gnukid: Excellent. You may live.

    peas: I’d send you one, but they’re a bugger to fit in the scanner.

    upset waitress: Don’t worry about it. The critics weren’t too enthusiastic about it anyway.

    daisy: Fresh, or frozen?

    miss M: There’s no point fighting it.


  7. my god, kyk, you’re amazing.
    the weirdest thing about this is a nano-second after watching the subliminal stuff, my right palm started itching severely. this usually preludes me giving or receiving munny …
    you should have your own tv show, you’re like the david blane of slaapstad.
    whoo hoo
    creepy stuff


  8. you left out the bit where you should pass this on to 5 friends within 5 minutes or else something terrible will happen to you / your family (or that Peruvian child Goat Herder)… Blinkie? who came up with that word? Is that a winkie with a piercing?
    Somewhere, out there (Bellvile to be exact) I am sure there is a couple going by that name too. Meet Mienkie and her beau Bl..Bloukraanvoel? (couldn’t think of a male name with BL but you catch my drift)


  9. OH MY FUUUUUUUCK! Jesus I laughed and laughed!

    Only you could think of something like this you bloody nutcase.





  10. terri: No problem. Send me money and I’ll put you on the mailing list.

    luke: There’s no time to lose! We need to take care of that itch immediately.

    miss M: Ah. Pity. I was growing rather fond of you.

    uncle keith: Didn’t do so well in the Spelling Bee, did we now?

    anicker: D’oh! I knew I should have run my new business plan past you first.

    the tart: Sorry, I refuse to negotiate with smooch terrorists. It won’t slow down until smooches are reinstated.

    upset waitress: Almost. Send me the money first and we’ll discuss it.

    shebee: What? No comment on the poignant angst of momentary dislocation? Pfffft!

    del: All major credit cards accepted.


  11. That was just way to quick, but I think I got the message. “Kyknoord will pay your bond off before you die.” Thanks mate. Didn’t know you had won the Lotto. And who says there’s no money in blogging. I’m with ABSA and will mail you the bond account number. Sheesh. Oh happy day. I’m going to get champagne right away… the bond payments have been a bit of a bother.


  12. Ooooooh. Got it, now. First read: Missed the subliminal thing, just thought it was me being intellectually opaque. You can have ten percent of what I have, which is a half mill debt to std bank, if you like?


  13. Oh gawd…it’s like in the Exorcist…the image of the devil’s so called face flashes throughout the movie every now & then…

    Freaks me the fuck out!


  14. Um, subtlety really isn’t your strong suit when it comes to flashing black and white messages. That being said, I feel oddly compelled to send you money…


  15. I got it! I got it! Sorry for you though, now that I’ve got it, you can’t have it! You don’t scare me. My bank manager scares me, but you……naaah


  16. fargin hell kyk… i was staring at that thing for ages trying to read the message!
    its like those bloody pole-ads that you can’t read all of at a glance- so when you pass the first one you read the top line, the next one you quickly try to scan and read the next line, and so on until you get the whole ad.
    or maybe thats just me…


  17. mandy: No, no, no, it says “Kyknoord can kick Daniel Craig’s butt”.
    goblin: It’s a start. That should buy you a day or two.
    miss M: :mrgreen:
    scott: Tempting as that sounds…
    kab: Then again, it could just have been shoddy editing.
    covercritic: Nah, he just looks like that. The court case took a lot out of him.
    beaverboosh: As you should. Is it deep-fried?
    livewire: As long as you’re inclined to give into your odd compulsions, I’m happy.
    cheapthrills: I did. You did. All will be revealed now.
    charmskool: I’ve just had a word with your bank manager and he’s going to give me all your money. Are you scared now?
    parenthesis: Could be. Are you thinking about rail guns?
    ~m: Good thinking. I’d better add that to my disclaimer.
    angel: Make sure you wash your hands so you don’t pass it on to others.


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