Cutting to the chase

What can I say?  I like to live on the edge.


22 thoughts on “Cutting to the chase

  1. I have used the minutes of a previous meeting to “update” the team on the latest meeting. Changed the dates, added some extra hoopla & bob’s yer auntie!


  2. dolce: As long as I put a sufficiently descriptive subject line and first paragraph, he doesn’t feel the need to read the rest of the contents.

    betenoir: Meetings exist as proof that there is no god.

    charmskool: Sadly, many of my meetings are ad-hoc and have no previous minutes to update


  3. “Wanker” … What a word. Makes me laugh. Funny thing, I just can’t bring myself to say it … Seems so, I dunno. Distasteful. Like I would need soup to wash my mouth out. Guess that’s the point.

    Shea butter soap smooches,
    The Tart
    ; *

    Psst. Soap also good for those with dark locks, like moi!!!!!


  4. i tried (unsuccessfully) to work the phrase “hot monkey love” into a paragraph program summary that would eventually be read by congressional staffers. unfortunately, someone was paying attention. damn. will keep trying…


  5. dark tart: Depends on the soup, I suppose. The other day I had some minestrone that was very distasteful and let me tell you, I had more than a few choice words for the wanker who made it.

    daisy: How about I add it to my next set of notes and put you on the copy list?


  6. stef: Good idea. It’ll match my eyes.

    nursemyra: A safe bet. Reading blogs would cut into meeting time.

    dolce & daisy: Let me know if you need me for anything. I’ll be over here.


  7. @ Kyk > Que?

    @ Daisy > You *could* always just buy a good nit shampoo? Mind you, then you’d have to give up swinging from the Chandeliers.


  8. OMG, soup … You made me laugh so hard. W … R, you! See I can’t even type it now. Sides, who could ever call you THAT?

    Dark smooches,
    The Tart
    ; *

    Ps. T & Germs …


  9. Hey! Who the hell’s blog is this, ladies? Let the man have his moment…

    And while he has that moment, i’m doing some grooming of the ladies right over here… step right on over and settle in. You won’t be sorry. ;->


  10. dolce: Déjeme saber si usted me necesita para cualquier cosa. Estaré aquí.
    the tart: I’ll send you a list.
    miss M: Be still my beating heart.
    daisy: Wait – I have bananas!
    gnukid: So does this mean you’re a swinger?


  11. This is so true…and I think it applies to all bosses?

    I was having a debate with my colleague about who is really the decision maker at any place of work. He said it’s the boss, I said it’s the guy doing the work. He said, if something needs to be changed the boss will still have to sign off on it even if the guy doing the work has decided it has to change. And I said he boss would sign anything you put in front of him – and to prove my point I now have a few blank(but signed) time sheets.


  12. louisa: My boss doesn’t have time for details, but as long as he thinks he’s in the loop, all is well.

    ~m My boss is less of a Luddite and more of a believer in the the “3 Ds”. He’s particularly fond of the second two.


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