An important delegation

I must never use this power for evil.  Oh, wait -


19 thoughts on “An important delegation

  1. Whenever i hear a boss-oid want a “quick word” with me, i mentally settle prepare myself for both a long speech and a likely lube and kiss-free work screwing.


  2. betenoir: Yes, I confess! I am a lunchaholic.

    gnukid: Office romance. Never a good idea.

    daisy: Fortunately, my colleague doesn’t cope too well without a spellcheck.

    upset waitress: I’ll save you a donut.

    shebee: True, but at least I got to have lunch. The pumpkin was delicious, by the way.


  3. anicker: Technically, that’s two words.

    dolce: I had a word with your boss and he says you’re already doing the work of two people, so you don’t need a minion.


  4. nursemyra: No. They should be blank, but I suspect WordPress was out on a bender last night.

    gnukid: Exactly. You shouldn’t fight human nature.

    mandy: As in, “take your IOU and stick it up your…”?


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