Padding the CV

It kind of defeats the purpose of 'help' if I have to do *his* work as well as mine, doesn't it?
Profoundest thanks to Dolce for her help in cobbling this one together.


24 thoughts on “Padding the CV

  1. Mmm…but does he make coffee and do filing? Can you use him as a human shield in case of a terrorist attack?

    No one is completely useless, are they? 😐


  2. louisa: No, not completely useless. However, it’s a bit like using a non-functional fax machine as a paperweight: you get the whole expectation/delivery discontinuity.

    betenoir: Of course! What did you think?


  3. profoundest sympathy… i thought that these small irriations wouldn’t get to you so much since you’ve been “drinking tea” again 😉


  4. charmskool: I know. I actually asked for a gopher.
    dolce: Luxury! At least you have a curve…
    revo: Or a footstool… nhur hur hur I said “stool”
    stef: They don’t allow “tea-drinking” at the office.
    miss M: He does show a propensity for throwing faeces.
    stef: That’s not very polite. We say laughing with.
    nursemyra: God no! I need it more than he does.


  5. oh, what the boss really gave you was an opportunity to mentor a young, damaged, and hopelessly lost employee to increase your “leadership and supervision” scores. More like Adult Day Care, it seems… bring lollipops, coloring books and the “Dr. Science Electrical Outlet Explorer” kit to keep him entertained…


  6. daisy: In that case, the company is doomed. I’d better start padding my resumé.
    miss M: Unlikely. Too much thinking and actual work involved.
    beaverboosh: Done. Now where do I get a qualified technical assistant for two dollars and fifteen cents?


  7. I’ll have you know, Mr Noord, that I have lots of curves. In all the right places. The kind of curves that can motivate even the slackeyest of slackeys. However, I try and use this power for good. Certainly, never for the good of The Man. It’s complicated. But it’s true.


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