Administrative error

They’re just pissed off that I requested additional clarification when they asked for more detail on the design.  In my defence, ‘we want more detail’ *isn’t* very specific


19 thoughts on “Administrative error

  1. revo: I did, but I forgot to specify which gender of stripper I preferred. Terribly awkward.
    dolce: I knew it! Hang on – how do you explain the ubiquity of the thong then?
    stef: No!
    miss M: So much for “knowledge is power”.
    daisy: I’m an anarchist. All governments are foreign to me.
    nursemyra: Don’t rub it in. I know you’re about to go on one.


  2. haha!

    Finally a moment to check your blog!

    Sheesh, never worked so hard in my life. I want to be a lady of leisure. I will confirm that through a confirmation of a confirmation of a confirmation.


  3. I always feel guilty if I’m not the last person sending an sms/email. But even if I am, I worry that people hate me if they don’t reply.
    So: They are not asking for a confirmation, but affirmation. Call them on their personal phone, and tell them you love them deeply, that you want to share the universe and all it’s majesty with them forever and ever.
    Bet they’ll stop bugging you then.


  4. For fax sakes! How irritating – it is the same with those confirmation-receipts-when-read sent with e-mails.
    Surely Microsoft can come up with a function that sends an electric current to the mailer when he opts to attach that with an e-mail. Surely if and when you respond, they will know you read it? Maybe it is a race to see how long it takes for you to reply after reading it?
    (Oh no Ben, she no read so good, took her 5 minutes just to write “thanks” back. Not even the whole word… better take her off the internal newsletter distribution list.)


  5. dolce: Perhapth, perhapth, perhapth.
    peas: I thought you came from a Catholic background? Only one confirmation necessary.
    scott: Maybe they hate you regardless of your reply policy?
    charmskool: Didn’t you get my memo?
    angel: Indeed.
    jean panty: I need confirmation that you aren’t going to abandon us again.
    nursemyra: Can I bring my demon?
    anicker: It’s just basic insecurity. I think they were bullied at school.


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