Taking leave of my senses

Please make sure your seat is in the upright position, your tray table is stowed and your straightjacket is securely fastened


17 thoughts on “Taking leave of my senses

  1. Oh crap. Excuse me. I’m about to have….a Madonna Moment:

    Holiday Celebrate
    Holiday Celebrate


    If we took a holiday
    Took some time to celebrate
    Just one day out of life
    It would be, it would be so nice

    Everybody spread the word
    We’re gonna have a celebration
    All across the world
    In every nation
    It’s time for the good times
    Forget about the bad times, oh yeah
    One day to come together
    To release the pressure
    We need a holiday



    Ok, I’m done now.


  2. Ahhh, but “the deep end” is a great place to be. only i can hear the voices there and the voices listen to me when i bitch about work… then the voices tell me to sharpen my knives…


  3. stef: I’m not sure if “protracted grumbling” counts as actual “rage”, but I think your advice is still applicable in both cases.
    betenoir: I would suggest to you that they may be wrong.
    dolce: I hate you.
    charmskool: Just so. I’m fervently hoping to avoid those three examples of “could be worse”.
    revo: Have you ever been to a Summer Camp? *shudder*
    jean panty: As a poison, or as a drug?
    gnukid: You’re lucky, my voices tell me to take up needlepoint.


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