18 thoughts on “One day we’ll look back on this and laugh

  1. A bit like Big Brother I think, you being forced to share the house with the ex, just without the large cash incentive for sticking it out.

    Besides which, it’s not that much fun if the garden you’re shitting in is your own!

    I assume that you had an eviction party of sorts?


  2. Emotional scars are no fun… you can’t show them off as proof of surviving your torture at the Mummy’s hands. You need to develop a limp or something so people can feel sorry for you. Or is that a mental limp i see there already?


  3. I’m starting to think you don’t like your ex much. Where could this idea have come from? I think that you better start eating some of those “party” cookies with your tea.


  4. gnukid: No, that’s just my charming personality.
    daisy: *slurp*
    charmskool: Oh, I like my ex just fine. As long as we’re in different cities.
    silversabre: Yes, but that was years ago.
    ~m: Almost, but the ref awarded her a TKO before the bell.


  5. Survivor meets Fear Factor 🙂 … the funny (or is it sad?) thing is you could take almost ant two TV shows and merge them to describe a horribly painful experience. …”A bit like Fox & Friends meets the CNN Situation Room”.


  6. ctyri: True. “…a bit like ‘Dr Phil’ meets ‘Nigella’s Christmas Special’…”
    miss M: Ah, my little ray of sunshine. I missed you.
    dolce: What kind of powder?


  7. miss M: You should put that on your CV.
    betenoir: Possibly. I’ll let you know as soon as I get the results back from the lab.
    charmskool: Only sometimes?


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