26 thoughts on “Win a cake with dates*

  1. “do I have to spoonfeed you” is universal code for either “i don’t actrually know” or “I could have exlained it more clearly the first time but i couldn’t be arsed, so read my mind”.

    work, so kak they have to pay you to do it.


  2. sticky toffee pudding….mmmmmm

    Jeeeeez dude, if you’d been offering cake with dates then, I might have made more effort with my entry.

    Let us know when you get tired of tea drinking demons and are ready for another round. I’ll even bring the custard.


  3. i’d get working immediately on those “X-ray vision glasses” or the “mind-reading aluminum foil helmet o’ fun”… that’s engineery-like, yes? it’s wide open for you to play! run with it.


  4. Yay! You get paid to drive a train! WOO-WOOOOOO!

    speaking of “woo woo”… when the biting, tea-drinking succubus has cast you aside and moved on to tastier prey, have another contest. i’ve got an assload of frequent flier miles… nursemyra and i are threatening considering South Africa for a stop on our 2009 world tour…


  5. Just because they don’t know what they want you to do, doesn’t mean that they don’t know what they don’t want to do. They can be very specific about how you did it wrong, but not so specific about how you can do it right.


  6. The problem with you engineers is that you’re spoiled by actual answers to questions. Join me in the vague and stupid field of psychiatry where you can just make up stuff.


  7. betenoir: I prefer not to be spoonfed, because we only have one spoon here and it’s used to stir shit.
    dolce: Very tempting, but you might be in for a bit of a long wait. Better make that long-life custard.
    thrills: Hmmm… how about “other engineery-type stuff”?
    idlelayabout: Yes, but I don’t think the US Army technical division does private jobs.
    gnukid: You’re right. I’m going to start on the Head Explodo-Ray (TM) right now.
    daisy: Yes, but when she’s done with me, I’ll be nothing a drained husk of a man. Not exactly an incentive to visit, is it?
    nursemyra: Nhur hur hur – you said “package”.
    uncle keith: Uncanny. It’s like we work for the same organisation.
    robin: Actually, I’m halfway there. I specialise in hydrology.
    ~m: Awww. Thanks, dude. Did you miss me?


  8. stef: Twice? Wow. I’d hoped age and senility would kick in later, rather than sooner. Incidentally, to answer your original question, it’s because I ran the competition two years ago (and oddly enough, it led (albeit circuitously and indirectly) to meeting Ms Demon).


  9. daisy: On the other hand, it might not make any difference. People already call me dry and brittle.
    seraphine: I’m glad to hear it. Werewolves make me nervous.
    practically joe: Indeed. You are now here. Nowhere.
    sarah: I thought everybody wanted a box of chocolates and a long-stemmed rose.


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