Light bulb moments

This office has been declared a no-thinking zone.  Thank you for not thinking


21 thoughts on “Light bulb moments

  1. Finally, he’s alive.

    I heard of meetings maiming/lobotomising people and instant narcolepsy, but never actually killing them off.

    Fishwife voice: where the HELL have you been?


  2. Me: <<But Gran, why?>>
    Gran: [fiercely stern of voice] <>
    Me: *blink* *blink*

    I think there is a school where they learn this shite. The Mushroom School of Disinformation.


  3. Right, sodding technology.

    Gran should have said (in her fierce voice): <<Young Lady! ‘WHY’ is a crooked letter, and you can’t make it straight!>>


  4. boss-like-object: I think it would be a good idea for you to attend this meeting.

    kyknoord: But I think it would be a good idea for you to take a flying fuck at a rolling donut. Ideas are great, aren’t they? Make me feel all creative and shit…


  5. nursemyra: Why not?
    dolce:So your gran was a bit of a homophobe, huh?
    gnukid: Or a medical chart.
    miss M: Does he back away slowly with a fixed smile on his face?
    daisy: Oh wow man, déjà vu.
    peas: When did you last shower?


  6. ‘taking a flying fuck at a rolling donut’

    fuck that’s hilarious.

    that just totally made my day a teensy bit better!


  7. miss M: Of course, of course. I’m just going to back away slowly now.
    dolce: Ah. That would explain her answer.
    thrills: It did? I tried it and it was very uncomfortable.


  8. A good idea… afrikaans “‘n blink gedagte” – that’s what we used to call a papsak wyn (now sadly banned) as students…. and THAT always ended in tears. aaah… the good ol days…


  9. Moms say that to little kids in a different way. It goes, “Because I say so.” It’s more effective when said to a three year old.


  10. The hilarious thing (in answer to yr comment on me blog) is that I actually HAVE an Alice Cooper CD in my collection. NEVER listen to it – was given to me by a (very) misguided (ex) friend. 🙂


  11. miss M: Back off, I have pepper spray!
    anicker: This one had a similar effect.
    robin: True, but very few mothers expect their toddlers to attend meetings.
    bee: I’m sure your daughter is very grateful :mrgreen:


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