Wait training

But I’m sure the wait will be worth it
The really interesting part of the process is that the very license you are attempting to renew is not considered “sufficient ID” for the task of renewing your license. I must remember to send the Minister of Transport a thank-you note for treating us to this delightful bit of Third World Comedy.


25 thoughts on “Wait training

  1. dude, this is the same government that issues ID’s to dead people, classfies living people as dead and then refuses to accept their living presence as proof of life, and randomly reclassifies people as the wrong gender.


  2. I’m still worrying over the fact that I renewed my licence at Gallows Hill on a Friday and it only took me two hours. And it only took 30 minutes to collect when it was done. Do you think that maybe I entered a tear in the fabric of this reality and renewed my licence in a parallel but efficient universe?


  3. shebee: Yes, it’s an invisible kitten. It has laryngitis, by the way.
    betenoir: Don’t get me started. I’ve been classified as ‘neuter’ since 2005.
    charmskool: Isn’t it sad that a two-hour wait is regarded as efficient?
    beaverboosh: I’ve offered him mine, because I’m not using it, but he’s very picky.
    nursemyra: They are and they’re not. Kind of sums up government logic.
    b: Never a dull moment – except in the queue.


  4. perhaps develop “queue coping” techniques that get you moved to the front of the line – practicing your tap dancing, singing ukranian folk songs, juggling running chain saws?


  5. Still, count your blessings, darlings: at least you get to renew your license. In France, we’re stuck with ours for the term of our natural lives, and yes, considering the picture that’s on mine, it is a sentence.


  6. miss M: Interestingly enough, my friend’s ex-wife said exactly the same thing about sex.
    daisy: Sounds like a lot of effort. I think I’ll just go the extreme body odour route next time.
    anne: That explains why the French are such angry drivers.


  7. and why do they only accept cash?! honest to God i had EXACTLY R257 in my purse… the exact amount i needed, imagine i didn’t have enough money with me, i would have crawled around begging 🙂


  8. I am a firm believer of “try before you buy”.

    I hate those woman who say “why would they buy the cow when they can get the milk for free”.

    I like to believe that my “milk” is good they’d still pay for it 😉


  9. Hello, I’m new to your blog; you’d left a comment on mine I found enjoyable; thus I’m here. I’m enchanted by the ever-changing dialog you manage with your comic. I shall savor them, now I know of them.


  10. stef: Credit card fraud takes time and effort.
    miss M: Hmmm… the same sound principle as used by drug dealers everywhere.
    museditions: Excellent (although I should perhaps warn you that I put more effort into my comments than into the comic strip).
    peas: Ah. I thought you were on holiday. That explains why you didn’t come back with a tan.
    dolce: I was going to say something vacuous like, “at least things will improve from here”, but I realise that they actually may not.
    terri: It counts as leave in my company, so understand why I’m less than enthusiastic at the prospect of burning up my “time off” in a sodding queue.


  11. the company i work for doesn’t accept it’s own cheques.
    (the fear is the customer will earn interest on the deposit until the cheque clears, therefore earning interest on the same money twice.)
    it’s embarrassing explaining this to clients opening another account or moving funds from one account to another.


  12. This is the dumbest country ever. Are you supposed to take your tattered and moldy birth certificate with you? I’m moving to Zimbabwe and riding a bike.


  13. if you send the Minister of Transport a thank you note, will you have to stand in line for hours just to post it? i’m just trying to get a feel for how Keystone Kop-like the government there is. i’d thought we ‘muruhcans’ had cornered the market on stupid bureaucracy


  14. seraphine: If the company’s financial well-being hinges on keeping client’s paws off those few cents of interest, it might be time to look for another job.
    robin: Uncle Bob says he can hardly wait.
    gnukid: No, the posting is relatively quick. I’ll have to stand in line for hours to buy stamps. Incidentally bureaucratic stupidity is a worldwide phenomenon. It’s just that some countries are better at it than others.


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