But Johnny pushed me first

They can hold their stupid pissing competition in their own time.  I have a deadline


24 thoughts on “But Johnny pushed me first

  1. On second thoughts, aren’t you the guy who put a curse on me just because I sent the chainmail about the Irish sex fairy – and I thought you’d appreciate it – I meant well sob.


  2. dolce: It would be an empty threat. I have fuck-all say limited influence in that regard.
    stef: Children should be seen and not heard.
    charmskool: So did I :mrgreen:
    nursemyra: There have to be some compensations for working here.
    miss M: I only get directly involved in food fights.
    daisyfae: Me too. Good thing this wasn’t one of those.
    idlelayabout: Care to step outside?
    gnukid: Got any chlorine?


  3. miss M: It depends to a large extent on whether you’re the canner or the cannee.
    seraphine: We can make better mistakes in half the time.
    uncle keith: I’m saving that one for real emergencies.
    robin: The drawing office. It’s sort of like a typing pool, but with less attention paid to personal appearance or hygiene.
    peas: No need. My abrasive personality is painful enough.


  4. miss M: Indeed. As long as it’s full.
    revo: Not yet, but I’m on the short list.
    seraphine: I know what you mean. It’s really difficult to sleep with someone snoring.
    beaverboosh: Thanks, although we’ve outsourced our scoundrel function to a nice firm of lawyers.


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