Sorry, something came up

What do I care?  The time is still billable


27 thoughts on “Sorry, something came up

  1. well apparently scratching one’s balls could be quite time consuming, yes?

    have mercy, your client could have crabs?… see! a silver lining right there, be glad he didn’t show up!


  2. So, in fact, it is more profitable to have the client call an urgent meeting and not appear than to actually attend. I think I need to start charging for meetings. I would make a fortune and could play computer games instead of working.


  3. stef: It wasn’t that kind of a meeting.
    idlelayabout: True, except I’m expected to pay tax.
    charmskool: I also dream of a perfect world.
    revo: I think the wire brush incident may have put him off.
    nursemyra: Certainly not his IQ.


  4. My equivalent: “I have an emergency with my kid who must be seen right away!” Scramble, scramble. Rearrange schedule…..No show.


  5. uncle keith: I keep a bottle of bleach in my office.
    robin: Ask them to email you a photo.
    miss M: Possibly. Of course, since he’s bald, it would have had to find it “down there”.
    upset waitress: OoooOOOooooh. Oh wait, they forgot to photoshop the water as well. How disappointing.
    gnukid: Interesting. My breakfast is thinking outside of my stomach.
    peas: True, but you don’t want to make a career out of it.


  6. Interesting – whenever someone “calls a meeting”, nobody actually does it? Is there a hotline number? Do you go down on your knees and go: “come on, come on meeting, come to daddy”?

    So whenever someone says “shall we meet, say 6” – I always go “6”.

    No idea why this is frowned upon, and not generally accepted as the norm.


  7. I have nothing pertinent to contribute here but just you are leading Bullard in a number of categories on Amatomu, so I just wanted to say: “Victory!”

    (Well it is, in my book. Not that there was a competition, or anything, because, seriously, who would want to compete with that? But still.)


  8. Dude, been there. But often scratching can turn into a short trim, or a waxing, or the occasional piercing for the ambitious ones. Clients eh, though most of male clients have no balls!


  9. In the business world it’s all about balls.
    Too bad they’re all so damn filthy and dirty.
    That antiseptic gel in a bottle may help, or not.
    I never play with balls. Married. :mrgreen:


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