Epistle off

I know shiny, happy people are supremely annoying, so please feel free to loathe me as much as you deem appropriate


29 thoughts on “Epistle off

  1. Deal with Annoying people with annoying sayings swiftly and decisively for eg:

    “There is no “I” in team”
    Standard response: “but there is a “U” in cunt.


  2. I think you’re sort of like a movie star who wants to play male leads, so they can’t admit they’re gay. You’ve got a lot of chicks who come to this blog who are hot for you, so perhaps the gooey Demon references should be left to a minimum so that they can still dream…


  3. betenoir: Is that the pitiful cry of a kitten in peril?
    revo: Salt ‘n’ vinegar.
    anicker: Stop, you’re making me hot.
    miss M: Ow! Cut your sodding nails!
    idle layabout: Just another service we render here on the other side of the mountain.
    daisy: Are you sure that’s broccoli? Still, I’m glad to see I haven’t lost any of my emetic mojo.
    uncle keith: Cool. I’m not really into rodent porn, so I’ll take your word for it.
    anne: Sort of like rotting flesh?
    robin: Read my disclaimer.


  4. do you have to do drugs to produce stuff like that or does it come naturally? just wondering as i’m supposed to write an awards justification for someone i don’t like much and need help prattling…


  5. Jeez Kyk. She’s got you by the bollocks. Which, judging from the cleverly masked implications of the half-hidden word “suck..”, might be exactly how you like being got.
    (Said in a thinly disguised effort not to seem too disgruntled.)


  6. charmskool: That’s the problem with this country – everybody’s got their hand out.
    goblin: What about LOLcats?
    miss M: Until proven guilty, eh?
    gnukid: Drugs always help, but your mileage may vary.
    dolce: Oh puh-leez! You can dispense with the faux disgruntlement. You’ve made no secret of the fact that a certain someone has been banging you like a screen door, so I reckon you’re extremely gruntled.


  7. is a gollum the same as a golem?
    and don’t start killing kittens,
    the universe has always been
    the wobble you’re feeling
    is what makes it interesting.


  8. dolce: :mrgreen:
    seraphine: In that case, I used to own a very interesting washing machine.
    mandy: I’ll tell you after the Olympics are finished.
    nursemyra: I had it tatooed on my knuckles, so I wouldn’t forget.


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