22 thoughts on “But you’ve had all weekend!

  1. Aaaah…you didn’t read the fine print on your contract did you?

    I, Mr K.Noord, hereby do give up my soul for eternity, ad infinitum, and any benefits that soul may have offered or supplied my corporal being, without due prejudice blah blah blah…


  2. that’s exactly the reason why i’m not at the top of the corporate ladder, and never will be for that matter… that and the fact that i don’t make coffee 🙂


  3. Dear Mr Kyk, Please read, sign and date this letter of appointment:
    I shall make myself available at all times to do the boss’ bidding. I will remember to keep the whip at hand at all times and whip myself into action should I feel the need for sleep or a private life. I will remember that I am a martyr to my job and I like it that way. Office hours are whenever the boss says I will be there. Lunch hour – only when the boss doesn’t have other plans for me. Leave – haha
    SIGNED ……………. DATE……………


  4. dolce: Contract? The first sign I had that something was amiss was when I heard the cell door slam closed.
    museditions: What can I say? I’m a wild tearaway sort of guy.
    stef: It’s remarkably easy. Tea is more of a challenge.
    parenthesis: I’m not in the loop.
    charmskool: Nice try, but I’m not really keen to do your job.
    miss M: What about one minute to 5?
    nursemyra: It is, but Charmskool has a diverse portfolio.
    charmskool (again): It’s the leather, isn’t it?


  5. “Why you’re just not being corporate…” is just boss-speak for “i fucked off all week, need to go nail the girlfriend before going home to the wife, and don’t want this to interfere with my golf weekend with the boys…”

    it’s a five o’clock world when the whistle blows!


  6. Your lack of a proactive approach has diminished the positive outcomes of the Win-Win paradigm. There is no “I” in team. Of course, there is no “U” in team either, but they always omit that point.


  7. Ha! Once a kid called me at 4:00p to write a scholarship letter for him and it needed to be sent next day mail to make the deadline. The difference between him and your boss – the kid was 17.


  8. peas: Actually, I use my robot costume for attending sci-fi conventions.
    revo: It was the least I could do.
    miss M: Okay, what about two minutes to 5?
    uncle keith: Yup, I’m afraid the ol’ win-win paradigm is going to have to muddle along without me.
    robin: One day that kid will probably be my boss.
    daisy: True, but there’s still a five o’clock you inside your clothes.


  9. it’s comics like this that make me glad i dont have to go back to work for at least another 4 months.


  10. After reading your comments on other blogs, I decided to venture over here and read a bit of your stuff.

    I think I’ve seen those comics before somewhere…not sure where…but it feels like some of those new conversations – like this one – are coming straight out of my world. Even more to the (less politically correct) point than Dilbert!


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