Tempus edax rerum

Who has the bigger balls?  Tune in tonight at 11
A hundred comics. It’s kind of hard to believe. I am still occasionally asked when I’m going to stop screwing around and start writing again, but I’m afraid the answer is – as ever – when this stops being fun.

And it has been. Fun, that is. The first strip was trotted out on the 20th of September last year and I have subsequently come to the realisation that life+ is a lot easier to understand when viewed as a series of three-panel episodes. In that time, I’ve explored topics such as unfulfilled wishes, penis jokes, health and safety issues, unfinished suicide notes, divorce fallout, LOLspeak (ONOES!), office functions, the Rugby World Cup, evil testicle-eating pixies, taking a holiday, returning to work, electricity blackouts, advanced driving techniques, imaginary friends, spambots, mad photography skillz, municipal accounts, snakes engines on not on a plane, Jacob Zuma, excellent service in Cape Town, death and other things to look forward to, character analysis, fucking annoying time wasters, carbon footprints, blindness, getting dumped, christmas carols, Macbeth, marksmanship, head-removal surgery, famous last words, communication gaps, denial, mentorship, dream interpretation, remote fatherhood, wasting paper, alternative perspectives, implied self-mutilation, bizarre filing systems, birthday wishes, hidden agendas, annoying colleagues, more annoying colleagues, meetings, professional disagreements, blind dates, education and training, a photo-romance (featuring rats), contract documentation, zombies, console gaming, basic physics, physical philosophy, saving lives, showing up to work, theft most foul, Vernon Koekemoer, Monday morning, misery, dating, design changes, more power cuts, the economy, haiku, travel delays, monkeys with typewriters, mental illness, working late, contentedness, a torrid romance, Steven Hawking, diarrhoea, lost property, introspection, subliminal messages, the human factor, load shedding, lackeys, performance management, paperwork, disease, clinging onto sanity, my ex-wife’s visit, resurrection, Cape Town weather, saving money, missed flights, cellphones, vague instructions, bad ideas, funerals, drivers licenses, oscillating goalposts, modern demonology, conflict resolution, ball-scratching, emetic properties and unrealistic expectations.

I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to Daisyfae; Betenoir; Anne; and Dolce for bringing their own strange brand of humour to the strip as guest comicists++. Speaking of strange, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention A Column Inch, Wondermark and Dinosaur Comics for providing inspirational inspiration+++.

+ Mine, at any rate
++ What? What? It’s a word!
+++ If you need someone else to blame, it was Tenmiles who first introduced me to webcomics

27 thoughts on “Tempus edax rerum

  1. What sticktoitiveness! 100 comics and counting. May your job and life carry on being bizarre enough to provide 100’s more. Also, thanks for the inspiration that got me going (created a monster didya huh?)


  2. dolce: Hey, don’t pressure me! I might implode.
    museditions: Boing, boing, boing (hope springs eternal).
    peas: It’s the hundredth comic, but it’s post number 419. I didn’t want to mention that in case people thought I was running a Nigerian email scam.
    idlelayabout: Hate it when that happens.
    charmskool: Prune juice also works pretty well.
    nursemyra: Can’t I just go out on a high note?


  3. you take “subtle” to a whole new level 🙂

    break a leg!
    *standing ovation*… ok i’ll stop now.

    btw: that evil eyebrow still irks me every s~i~n~g~l~e day 😉


  4. miss M: Nasty cough. Strepsil?
    sera: Ta :mrgreen: I did have a ball.
    uncle keith: I agree, but getting my colleagues to pose naked is proving to be a challenge.
    robin: Does repressed violence count?


  5. spaghetti monster would win hands down. no fucking contest. it’s almost cruel pitting them against each other.

    he’d kick jesus’ ass one time.

    ps: happy 100th.


  6. seraphine: Good help is so hard to find.
    mandy: Are you sure? Sky-high prices.
    beaverboosh:Quisque comoedum est.
    ol’ hoss: Thanks Hoss. I might get me a swelled head now.
    thrills: Don’t you mean “noodles down”?


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