Trouble brewing

Well in that case, Iโ€™m in the mood for - for - crackers!


20 thoughts on “Trouble brewing

  1. Cage Match: Jesus Christ (aka “Mad Zombie”) vs Flying Spaghetti Monstre (aka “Carbohydrate-WhupAss”). To the death. rebirth. death again. second coming. rebirth… oh shit. you get the idea….


  2. leon: I’m hoping that doesn’t mean the others were all crap.
    curlywurlygurly: Really? I’ve been thinking of going the merchandising route.
    parenthesis: Thanks, but you only get one vote.
    shebee: Are you feeling the love? I am.
    idle layabout: You think that’s bad? You haven’t seen the four Horsemen of the Capocolla.
    daisy: And when you say “cage”, no doubt you were thinking of a giant collander.


  3. anicker: Behold the Renaissance Man.
    shebee: Stitches? You need to go easy on the yoga.
    robin: Especially if it’s made by my ex mother-in-law.
    daisy: A perennial optimist is our Stan.


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