Deal with it

Sweet poetic justice


23 thoughts on “Deal with it

  1. Do you have experimental data on Stress-Strain Curve for a Wanker? i’ve got the curves for an extensive “Butt Munch” sample. Perhaps we should publish?


  2. betenoir: Niiiice. We can use the elastic from his jockeys to keep it in place.
    andrew: So the aversion therapy seems to be working?
    stef: I intend to stretch the envelope.
    thrills: Atomic. I’m a traditionalist.
    dolce: That, and the fact that I’m perpetually wedged between a rock and a hard place at work.
    daisy: You’re on, although I’m still busy with the data verification phase.
    miss M: Devious, but will it provide the same enjoyment as a well-executed wedgie?


  3. You could sneak into his house and put his hand in warm water while he’s sleeping, instead. Tee! Hee!(That’s the old fashioned equivalent of a wedgie when you’re at camp.)


  4. miss M: True, but you were the one who took it to the next level.
    robin: How about the burning-paper-bag-on-the-doorstep stunt?
    uncle keith: Good idea. The site toilets are nasty.
    sera: I would, but I’m not prepared to change the laws of physics even for him.


  5. Remember how according to Elaine from Seinfeld, the girls instead of giving each other wedgies just tease others until they get eating disorders? That would always be an alternative.


  6. peas: Done. Oops, looks like I’ve diverted it all to your address. Sorry.
    bettina: I always prefer long-term solutions.
    anicker: Possibly, although I suspect the HR manager found a kindred spirit in this guy.
    ol’ hoss: Sweet indeed.
    gnukid: If you do the back wedgie properly, it kills two birds with one stone.
    nursemyra: PURE gold.


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