The Wile E Coyote School of Car Theft

This might have garnered me a little sympathy if the thief had actually succeeded.  Thanks for nothing, you bastard!


29 thoughts on “The Wile E Coyote School of Car Theft

  1. Dude you are SO lucky he didn’t manage to steal your car because he would definitely have crashed it – what with driving drunk and trying to make a fast getaway. I mean, I’ve also seen your car and the man must surely have been drunk and as for a fast getaway……


  2. They once stole my Dad’s old old old Mazda 323 … drove it one block and then ditched it without taking anyting.

    Apparently it was even too shit for them.

    My Mum was highly embarrassed – even thiefs didn’t want my Dad’s car.


  3. katt: Boney’s in semi-retirement. He took a package.
    betenoir: Yeah? Nobody’s seen your car. Ahahahahahaha! *snort* Uh. Sorry.
    dolce: It was probably all the people pointing and laughing that drove him off.
    charmskool: Et tu, Charmskool?
    rustum: Not me. I would have pegged him as more of the Kilimanjaro type.
    beaverboosh: Ignis aurum probat, miseria fortes viros.
    miss M: I specifically bought this car because I didn’t think anyone would want to steal it.
    daisy: Could be, but the pointing and laughing explanation still seems the most likely one to me.


  4. Excuse me didja just diss my Atos? Or were you questioning my loyalty? You better hope it was the latter. I am most fond of my little ‘lectric blue baby. And at least it was built in the last decade…..As for my loyalty – it’s to you not your car. I pretend I don’t know your car Kyk.


  5. Property theft crimes make my blood boil. The police are so cavalier about it: “It’s just stuff. No one got hurt.”

    Yeah, well, I’m trading my life to work a job to pay for that stuff so, in essence, the thieves are stealing my life.

    I’d say it warrants the death penalty.


  6. For some reason in Cape Town they always seem to go for the shittiest cars. They stole my boyfriend’s Jetta, and then wisely dumped it. Is it not just some kind of gang initiation?


  7. Once I forgot where I parked in the movie parking lot, and I thought someone stole my car. I called my husband and he said, “Face it Robin. No one in their right mind would steal your car. Keep looking.”


  8. i laughed at robinaltman’s comment.

    at least they didn’t steal your wheels.

    kak transport is better than footing it.


  9. hmm…easy to solve the car theft problem if you drive what i drove in high school: the dodge imaginary. yep…my parents figured if i didn’t have a car it a. couldn’t be stolen, and b. i couldn’t get into trouble. i proved them wrong on point b…but that’s another story for another day.


  10. uncle keith: Could be. I sometimes keep small change there.
    rob: A compelling argument, although I think a harsher punishment would be forcing the thief to wash my car.
    po: How embarassing.
    spencer: I’ll deactivate the immobiliser, shall I?
    asad: You do know that I’m an atheist, don’t you?
    nursemyra: Ouch. Turned your car into a Ford Concertina, did it?
    parenthesis: You might regard this as a crisis of faith.
    robin: I thought the same thing about mine. I’d be worried if I was you.
    thrills: Yes, well it would be if it wasn’t sitting at the sodding assessment centre while the insurance cretins try to figure out who has timeshare on the braincell this week.
    curlywurlygurly: One out of two is pretty average.
    ol’ hoss: I take everything personally.


  11. ouch, and ouch again..
    I think perhaps next time just torch the car and then claim arsen.. tough crowd you got here..

    hahahahahah.. so I am dying to know.. what you drive and do you have pics?


  12. maybe this is a sign!

    maybe spruce the car up a bit so they can finish the job for you, you know… maybe a little fur on the dash?… it really does go a long way… and those knobly steering wheel covers, that’s a winner πŸ˜‰


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