Where and tear

The aliens say 'hi', by the way


22 thoughts on “Where and tear

  1. stef: Hey, it’s the least I can do.
    dolce: Something along the lines of, “You’re next”
    idle layabout: It was never me to begin with.
    nursemyra: You should see my t-shirt collection.
    revo: Close. I came back as myself.
    daisyfae: Sorry, the buttcam was offline. I think my AnusArmor(TM) screws with the electronics.


  2. Thank f*** you’re back, was starting to get dangerously close to “Doing some actual work” on that list of yours, and who the hell needs that shit? Love today’s strip 🙂


  3. unbearable banishment: There are no holy cows here.
    stephanie: I know. Cutbacks everywhere.
    rob: Thanks. They lost my luggage, so I’m afraid I don’t have a present for you.
    gnukid: That would be the radishes I had last night.
    del: Have you tried rusks with your coffee?
    robin: Yeah, that’s a bit of a bummer.
    beaverboosh: The good news is there’s lots of it.
    peas: Too true. The currency is a joke.
    nursemyra: I’ll add it to my to do list.
    parenthesis: I posted it yesterday.


  4. b: Yeah, but it was a close call. I think I’m going to continue wearing the bullet-proof vest, just in case.
    uncle keith: They’re not big on lube, either.


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