It’s in your contract

So you think YOUR job is tough, huh?  Try being an imaginary friend and THEN we’ll talk


26 thoughts on “It’s in your contract

  1. You should get Satan involved too. Start a club.
    I’m sure Satan has a few tales up his sleeve – like the day Hitler moved to Hell, and like that one time when Slobadan Milosevic tried to eat Goebbels’ arm off.


  2. You know what really bothered me about The Sixth Sense? The fact that it never bothered Bruce Willis that other than a little boy no one had talked to him in months. AND who hired him to counsel the little boy? The little boy? That is just weird.

    I have too much time on my hands.


  3. How on earth are possibly related posts possibly related? Apart from in an Appalachian sort of way?
    Also… i need to ask. Which one is the imaginary friend again?


  4. dolce: Just call me Muriel.
    peas: Hey, this isn’t Facebook.
    stef: 🙄
    nursemyra: Thanks, although I think it might be the hay fever medicatioon providing the inspiration here.
    idle layabout: Have you tried nose plugs?
    miss M: I was disappointed that Demi Moore wasn’t in it.
    anne: “…Appalacian sort of way…” *snort*
    As to your question: (d) All of the above.


  5. unbearable banishment: Define “work”.
    stephanie: Hell, yeah!
    rob: Then it’s a pity we’ll be back to normal next week.
    uncle keith: Yes, but if I did, how would we know it was him?
    robin: Let’s hope His Noodly Magnificence is in a forgiving mood. “Alien” indeed!
    daisy: You’re saying there’ll be three or more people in hell? Well I’ll be damned!
    miss M: Dunno. My subscription to People Magazine expired.


  6. Glad you’re back… I’m a little concerned that your last 2 posts have a theme of, you know, death, and all… Hey wait, are you writing to us from the afterlife? Cool!!! Now we can ALL say we see dead people! (well reading is seeing, isn’t it?)


  7. uncle keith: Something of a conundrum, isn’t it?
    robin: About as much sense as anything related to religion.
    beaverboosh: It depends on whether you see dead people or not.
    terri: My disclaimer applies to metaphysically related posts as well.
    thrills: You haven’t experienced dull until you’ve attended a staff meeting here.
    bettina: Me too. I may be friends with Death, but I work for Stupid.


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