Try harder!

Good news, some dude called Alexander just sent me his CV!


21 thoughts on “Try harder!

  1. yup, that’s what it’s all about. pay someone to do the things you can’t do, and then feel cheated when they can’t do it either.

    the way of the world.


  2. rustum: I’m sure there’s an Eskom joke in there somewhere, but I’m too lazy to dig it out.
    thrills: Really? I thought the hokey pokey was what it was all about.
    idle layabout: I’m not sure why, but the paper keeps jamming when it’s on that setting.
    nursemyra: A knotty conundrum indeed!
    miss M: I’ve been meaning to ask, does the M stand for “migraine”?


  3. Between the Evil Forces of Logic and the Damnation of Gravity I think we are all doomed…

    …but that’s just my Armpit on this, and I am due for a wax..


  4. Okay, seriously, are you following me around, listening to my conversations and making them into cartoons?

    Last week I had to explain in GREAT DETAIL that binder clips DO NOT come in 1″ size, only 1″ capacity.
    Finally, “Look, I can’t order office supplies that don’t exist.”

    Say, you think that Jesus character is able to make the impossible possible?
    If so, I’d like the water dispenser to pour Bailey’s.


  5. “that’s not what i want. i’ll know it when i see it. do some more and i’ll let you know when you get it right…”

    i’ve worked for him. he wants to eat my Sharpened Pencil of Justice, doesn’t he?


  6. Hey, how did you know “lazyanimation” was a spam guy? Why does it seem like everyone else knows all this stuff I don’t. Is it because I’m old? I mean, I’m old and everything, but I’m not really demented. OK. I’m demented. But not that demented. It’s 2007, and the president is Bush. Right? Hey! Who’s talking to me?


  7. I have reached a point in my life – an age, if you will – where I don’t really give a fuck if what I produce is what the boss wants. I will say, then how do you want it? I’ll work on the revisions and give it back for review. Revise and give it back. This goes on ’til the boss is happy or otherwise satisfied. I get paid the same either way. I just don’t have the emotional investment anymore.


  8. b: Ouch.
    P.S. That particular plug-in only works on the (self-hosted) software and since I have no intention of going that route, my answer would be “never”.
    stephanie: I dunno, his mutant powers do have limits.
    po: I think this particular ego is pretty resilient.
    daisy: I think he also needs a rectal exam with the Steel-Tipped Boot of Justice.
    stef: You know, that might just work…
    bettina: All bosses are essentially the same person. They belong to a global hive-mind.
    dolce: My solution involves concentrated nitric acid. That way, I won’t have to hide the body.
    robin: That’s right, now just put this on. No, no it’s meant to fasten up at the back and long wraparound arms are very in at the moment.
    rob: Probably just as well. These days even emotional investments are taking a pounding.


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