Behold the Manhood

Let us pray


19 thoughts on “Behold the Manhood

  1. What a sweet and moving story about how two people first met. It’s like “When Harry Met Sally” but with Harry’s father holding his testicles. (I know what FSM is now, thanks to you Kyknoord. It’s awesome. I’ll have a job, like, forever…)


  2. rustum: I’m sure he’d be able to pull something out of the bag.
    dolce: He’s just trying to lend a helping noodle where he can.
    idle: Are we there yet?
    nursemyra: At least there won’t be any fumbling around in the dark.
    revo: It sure beats being a stiff in a tomb.
    miss M: :mrgreen:
    anne: He must have been a politician in a previous life.
    robin: I know. I’m all about sweet and moving.
    rob: Shhhh! Keep it down. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is a bit sensitive about the word “delicious”.
    dolce II: Little???
    uncle keith: Could be. It was very dark…
    peas: The caretaker at the driving range, for example.
    thrills: It’s hard to say.


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