Step 1: Create blasphemous comic…



16 thoughts on “Step 1: Create blasphemous comic…

  1. revo: Get your kicks on Route 666.
    b: Just fax me a copy of your soul.
    nursemyra: You should see him when he has a bad horn day.
    miss M: Okay.
    thrills: Perhaps. Now what do you intend doing about it?
    gnukid: Oh good. You’re hired.


  2. po: What do you think?
    rob: It depends on whether you have the means and the opportunity as well.
    miss M: Uh huh.
    robin: I’ve changed the lighting in the first panel.
    peas: Maybe – or maybe I’ll just stockpile beer and Jimmy Choos and revive the barter system.


  3. All this from a little blasphemy?


    Holy Mary of frikkin’ Gawd and Jeeeeaaaaasus Kkkkkkeeeeerrist on a pogo stick, I gotta get me some of this goddamned action!



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