Anti-interrogation techniques

Remember kids, these are trained professionals.  Don’t try this at home


17 thoughts on “Anti-interrogation techniques

  1. peas: Down girl.
    betenoir: It won’t work on the library lady. She’s deaf.
    idle layabout: That explains the plastic cutlery at ours.
    dolce: Chuck Norris can make it straight.
    nursemyra: Actually, it’s a bagel.
    miss M: That reminds me, I need to book my laser surgery soon.


  2. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to attend a work function? Personally, I can’t get enough of watching sycophants laugh uproariously every time the boss cracks a lame joke, and, of course, carrott cake.


  3. i’ve exercised my right a few times recently to do just that (“because ‘fuck you’, that’s why”)… it is a very liberating feeling. so liberating i’ll laugh about it all the way to the unemployment line (jk).


  4. traffic cop: Ma’am, do you realize that you careened through that traffic light as if it didn’t exist, have committed about seven moving violations since i turned on my lights to pull you over, and are probably going to do jail time for reckless operation… Care to tell me “Why”?

    small child: Mommy? Why is the sky blue?

    gynaecologist to patient: I believe you’ve left a foreign object in your va-jay-jay. Why?

    (sigh) i’m LOVING the new catch phrase. it’s the universal response to the stupid rhetorical “why”…


  5. unbearable banishment: Yeah, people get used to it way too quickly.
    stephanie: If all else fails, I blame the medication.
    robin: Aren’t you self-employed?
    uncle keith: What can I say? I’m a party-pooper.
    gnukid: I’ve been trying to goad my colleagues into adopting it.
    daisy: It’s a lot more satisfying than “Who can say? Life is full of mystery”, although that one’s also useful if you want to mix it up a little.


  6. Well I’ll have to admit that the new catchphrase is more succinct than my usual, “I work with you people all day everyday. What makes you think I’d want to spend one minute of my personal time with you?”


    “Are you coming to yadda yadda event?”
    “Because fuck you. That’s why.”

    I like it.


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