Mood swings

I know I look constipated much of the time, but still...


18 thoughts on “Mood swings

  1. dolce: Is it xmas time already?
    nursemyra: You are speaking metaphorically, aren’t you?
    daisy: Now we’re venturing into the realm of “cruel and unusual”
    anne: Amongst other things, yes.
    peas: I have not! Just the last 35 years or so.
    unbearable banishment: Excellent. Now send me all your money.


  2. Oh- I have written about this before! I bloody hate when people do that. Nagging me about whether I was alright, but REALLY, are you sure, because you don’t look so well? Until I snap at them and then actually don’t feel alright anymore. Congratulations for ruining my mood.


  3. stephanie: Maybe. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get away with it. Again.
    uncle keith: WHO FUCKING WANTS TO KNOW?
    bettina: Yup, it’s a perfect example of a negative feedback loop.
    robin: I hate it even more when the very person who has put me in a bad mood points out that I’m in a bad mood.


  4. oh yes. that scenario is guaranteed to bring out the bitch in me.

    fuck off with asking me if i’m in a bad mood already, okay?


  5. charmskool: Sadly, colleagues remain annoying irrespective of whether you’ve had a bowl of All-Bran Flakes or not.
    thrills: I like it when they ask, “Is there anything I can do?” “Yes. Please close the door from the other side”


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