Divine Comedy

Handbasket optional


14 thoughts on “Divine Comedy

  1. Why do people check calculations, anyway? Why isn’t everything completely random? Let’s all live in a world of chaos. Kay?


  2. kyk,

    Didn’t you know that bosses and managers are bosses and managers because they are smarter and know more than we pee-ons?

    Oh yeah. They have divine insight too.

    (Eyes rolling)


  3. dolce: And there is no eye in meat.
    nursemyra: Ah nuts! I was hoping for advice on how to screw in a lightbulb.
    idle layabout: Yup. That’s the long and the short of it.
    thrills: That reminds me of a dream I had last night.
    robin: Chaos is the function of lawyers and politicians. I’m an engineer.
    rob: So much for the whole “ignorance is bliss” thing.
    dais: Exactly.
    peas: No, but if I hadn’t, I would have been asked to explain why not.


  4. I remember an early episode of MASH, when Radar told Colonel Blake, “Sign here, sign here, initial here, and sign her to signify that you initialed instead of signing”. Colonel Blake asked Radar, “Do you understand any of this?” Radar replied, “I try not to, Sir. It slows up the work.”


  5. uncle keith: I never thought I’d say this, but I miss the army.
    gnukid: I’m afraid I might spontaneously combust.
    terri: Just as well, otherwise people would really be full of shit.


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