The internet is like a series of blocked tubes

Which was the original proposal to stop us surfing for dirty pictures.  I believe HR was rather disappointed when management opted for a content filter instead


13 thoughts on “The internet is like a series of blocked tubes

  1. Yeah, I’m expecting that to happen as well any day now. *Sigh* How I wish I was independently wealthy. (Not that I’m crazy about money, but it would be the only way – other than begging – to maintain my lifestyle.)


  2. dolce: The magic of the internet allows me to post from home as well. The magic of WordPress allows me to time-delay my posts.
    revo: The nearest coffee shop with wifi is about 5km in that direction.
    nursemyra: Indeed I am. My ex-wife got my testicles as part of the divorce settlement and that was pretty damned painful.
    b: I’d rather sharpen the machete hidden in my filing cabinet.
    unbearable banishment: It’s not particularly pleasant, but entirely survivable. Sort of like an enema.
    stephanie: I know!
    rob: Management don’t get their performance bonuses if they don’t come up with new ways to suck out our souls and stomp on them.


  3. Our IT department just has blocks on sites that we’re not allowed to visit. Porn (damn!), eBay (who cares?), personal e-mail (shit!), stock tracking (whatevah…) and personal pages/blogs (YIKES?!!?!)…

    so i really don’t mind. i can read all that shit from the web-enabled blackberry they gave me. good to be living amongst the muckety-mucks…


  4. uncle keith: Sorry, I should have been clearer: the cut-off doesn’t apply to senior management level.
    robin: You’re too kind.
    daisy: So basically, you’re blocked from anything worthwhile? Good thing you have that Blackberry.


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