21 thoughts on “It won’t be too long before they start installing cameras in our cubicles

  1. not when it pops up at my desk several times a day. we have several patients who are convinced they are under surveillance, the only thing they differ in is who is doing the watching. one thinks it’s aliens, another thinks it’s us and a third thinks it’s the government.

    Mrs. E still thinks it’s the camels.


  2. betenoir: Hey, who isn’t?
    idle layabout: Creto nos in fluctu emittere undal radiophonicas eadem frequentia
    nursemyra: Mrs E may be onto something there.
    miss M: Only at work.
    daisy: But I already do that…
    stephanie: I’m going to get you to write my mission statement when I start my own business.
    rob: Go ahead, rub it in.


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