And now a word from our sponsor

You know you’re getting old when you start remembering ancient TV adverts with fondness


16 thoughts on “And now a word from our sponsor

  1. Maybe you’ve found the perfect way to make people stay away from you. Murmur non sequitors at them. I’m going to try it today.


  2. Guess that makes me old too… and don’t forget that catchy choon from Trompie en die Boksom Bende.

    BTW, call me old-fashioned, but I prefer whipped cream on my pussy’s paws…


  3. betenoir: At least it isn’t the Knight Rider theme.
    dolce: You’re weird.
    idle layabout: Is that what all the kids are calling them these days?
    nursemyra: Depends if it’s crunchy or smooth.
    rustum: WARNING! Contains nuts.
    miss M: That’s what she said.
    daisy: What a question! You always need to send troops.
    robin: Did it work?
    stephanie: True, but in the ultimate irony, I’m actually stark raving sane.
    revo: But kid, you just aren’t big enough.
    delboy: It’s sad when you realise that Trompie is our age now.
    peas: Cool! I’ll sing old advertising jingles and you can accompany me on your new piano.


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