Attention shoppers!

Fa la la la la la la la la


22 thoughts on “Attention shoppers!

  1. thrills: Holy smoke!
    betenoir: And Mariah Carey. And Celine Dion. Ah, fuck it – all of them. What you said.
    nursemyra: He told me that he actually wants slippers.
    rustum: Yes, but that’s because last year he got a menorah.
    miss M: Sorry, all I have are futures.


  2. At first I didn’t think I wanted anything. But now I think I’d like to have a device that zaps internet Trolls. Just key in their IP and **ZAP**! they’re gone.


  3. daisy: At least it wasn’t a Richard Dawkins tie.
    unbearable banishment: There’s no accounting for taste.
    rob: Hang on, weren’t you the one who wanted a puppy?
    robin: I think he’s secretly hoping for a bottle of Johnny Walker Gold Label.
    b: I think you’re pretty safe from smiting, but to answer your question, myrrh is a kind of aromatic gum that was used in incense. I suppose you can eat it, but I don’t think the results would be pleasing.


  4. Less Spanish people calling their kids after him? You try and concentrate on world peace with so many people calling your name all the time.


  5. rustum: You just crack me up!
    charmskool: Maybe. After all, cleanliness is next to godliness.
    anicker: Absolutely. How about a new expletive for people to use in traffic?
    stephanie: :mrgreen: No pleasing some people.
    uncle keith: How thoughtful! One for home and one for the office.


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