Hard copy

Also, it didn’t have nearly enough pictures of boobs for his liking
Congrats to Peas on Toast on having her first novel published! Despite what my boss may believe, it’s not crap, so you should get a copy of this book for everyone you know. It’s the ideal xmas gift. Even Jeebus would want one.

Point your mouse in this direction to order it on Kalahari. It’s also available on Amazon, EB and so forth, but I just couldn’t be arsed to put in the links. It’s been a long year, okay?


15 thoughts on “Hard copy

  1. Tell them it’s an existential look at business from the perspective of a towering pile of slightly bashed peas on a metaphorical slice of toast. Dammit. Do they not support personal development. God!


  2. peas: :mrgreen: good luck with the launch tonight.
    revo: Exactly. It needs to have graphs and tables to be acceptable (although pie-charts are frowned upon for some reason).
    andrew: You’re just bitter about being left out of my will, aren’t you?
    dolce: Hell, no! If they allowed that, we might start developing needs and aspirations and it’s a slippery slope from there.
    thrills: No, but it’s on my to do list.


  3. very cool – both the publishing thing, and the good friend pimping it to the masses! will have to add this to my office collection! and perhaps even charge my employer for it!


  4. That is so cool! Congratulations, Peas! I read some guy’s cartoons when I’m supposed to be working. He likes to write about some alien who goes around holding his testicles.


  5. peas: It’s the one with the coffee stain, isn’t it? Sweeeeet!
    daisy: You’re evil and I’m jealous.
    robin: I don’t “like” to write about it, I have to.
    ~m: You can borrow mine for a few weeks if you like.


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