Form vs Function

It’s a small price to pay for a design that actually works


20 thoughts on “Form vs Function

  1. peas: Really big! Some people think it’s even bigger.
    nursemyra: I have broad shoulders.
    idle layabout: I’ll suggest it. I’m may just work.
    revo: That’s why we need a bigger pipe. To prevent those dreams from turning into wet ones.
    dolce: Oh I don’t know, I can be pretty flexible in the right circumstances.


  2. Dude, I’m just impressed with people who can think about plans and pipes and not say “duh” and drool on themselves.


  3. He that hath the stamp holdeth all the power. Inflexible dickhead or not. When it is one’s ass that would be in the sling, then being an inflexible dickhead just goes with territory.

    Bravo kyk, bravo!


  4. robin: Good. I only drool on myself during staff meetings.
    rob: Why, thank you. I take my dickheadedness very seriously.
    b: Possibly not. A good compromise makes everyone equally unhappy and I actually don’t care what he calls me as long as they use the correct damned pipe.


  5. Hey! We’re not weird. Sure you’re not overdesigning? Just a bit? And while we’re on the subject we also need you to reduce the slab thickness by half so that we get a nice neat line on the facade.


  6. clare: Hah! I never overdesign – I simply reduce the risk of failure. Incidentally, if you want a nice neat line on the facade, I could loan you my magic marker.


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