Thinking outside the paradox

Overtime?  What’s that?


17 thoughts on “Thinking outside the paradox

  1. charmskool: Nah, I prefer Arsebook.
    louisa: Maybe I do, but I prefer to use it for nefarious purposes, like ensuring that Jacob Zuma wins won in Polokwane?
    daisy: There will always have been time for lubrication.
    peas: It’s definitely on my to do list.
    b: What? UR DOIN IT RONG.
    stephanie: I much prefer the sound of things snapping in my hands…
    rob: “Management”


  2. Here is a little scenario for you demonstrating the correct usage of the word “overtime”.

    Boss: “Blah blah project blah budget (see “white noise”)
    You: “no”
    Boss: “Blah blah why not?”
    You: “Because…Fuck you – that’s why” (such a keeper 🙂 )
    YOU: “OVERTIME you will learn that life is a series of disappointments.”


  3. robin: I did. Don’t you remember? You thought I was some crazy dude babbling on about the future and you ignored me (btw those shoes – what were you thinking?)
    revo: I’m a firm believer in outscourcery.
    anicker: I think if he was capable of learning, he wouldn’t be in this industry.
    dolce: What? You mean like the new 007 movie?


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