Learning to let go

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20 thoughts on “Learning to let go

  1. What works well is just forwarding your phone to the office or your boss’ private mobile number. Then tell anyone you actually want to talk to to send SMS instead cause that will still get to you.


  2. A break is not a break if you have to answer work phone calls. I’m sick of this annoying little dork. I’m going to kick some boss butt. Just send me a first class plane ticket with free cocktails included, and I’ll be right there!


  3. dolce: Is that anything like the funky chicken dance?
    peas: I told him I was going to Gatlaagte. It doesn’t exist, but he doesn’t know that and he would never admit that he doesn’t know where it is.
    idle layabout: Alternative response: “Hello? Hello? Is anybody there? Hello? Hello? Ah, fuck it [click]”
    louisa: You’ve done this before, haven’t you?
    nursemyra: Oh, you’ve also done this before.
    daisyfae: “Erectile Dysfunction Hotline, can you hold please?”
    stephanie: I’ll be sure to give it a try.
    unbearable banishment: It was? I don’t remember that.
    robin: If I could afford first-class tickets, I certainly wouldn’t be working here.


  4. Just redirect all office calls to the US embassy.
    After a few crank calls from the same number their paranoia is bound to get the better of them.

    Get back to the office rested and refreshed to discover that your boss have been shipped to Guantanamo for questioning.

    Then send a message to the boss to ask how their Carribean holiday is going?


  5. rustum: I could probably get rid of the office if I had enough nitric acid.
    dolce: I look forward to seeing it on YouTube.
    revo: You’re right. I just don’t think big enough.


  6. charmskool: I’m sorry to hear that, but I don’t need sympathy, ‘cos I’m on HOLIDAY!
    uncle keith: “Hello? Am I on the speakerphone? Good…”
    rob: It’s a very tiny phone made of cellophane, used by convicted criminals in prison.


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